Spring 2022’s Best New Golf Equipment

For golfers all around the United States, spring weather is fantastic. While the Midwest and Northeast warm up and courses reopen, the South and West stay chilly enough to provide enjoyable rounds before the summer heat arrives. Golf firms supplying everything from clubs and balls to clothes and accessories rush their new lines to market this time of year, keeping the seasons in mind...

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Glen Ivy Golf Club Course Review

The Golf club at Glen Ivy is a gorgeous Ted Robinson Sr. design that winds through groves of citrus trees and along the hillsides...

How Should You Play a Tight [Links Style] Course?

With the Open Championship last month, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity for everyone to get a better understanding of what defines...
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Rangefinder for Shaky Hands

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Simple Hack to Help with Your Lag Putting

Simple Hack to Help with Your Lag Putting

Three-putts are scorecard killers. Everyone knows that. While pros can avoid them more easily than amateurs, if a mid- or high-handicapper can clean up...
Tiger and Charlie's Range Session

Tiger and Charlie Woods’ range session before the PNC Pro-Am

This week’s PNC Championship will see Tiger Woods return to action for the first time since the PNC Championship last year. The unique event, previously...


I love to look for different equipment to review, everyone out there is always reviewing the latest driver, putter, ball etc. I happen to find...

2021 Buyer’s Guide: The Top 10 Value Golf Balls For Distance & Feel

Your golf ball plays a massive role in helping you shoot your lowest scores.    If the ball is too firm, you won’t get enough spin...

5 Simple Golf Swing Improvements That Will Last A Lifetime

Swinging the club is often made to appear difficult. It isn't. You only need to understand a few fundamental concepts. For example, on the way back, pack your upper body around your legs and then unload with your legs on the way down. Isn't it simple? It isn't tricky in the least...