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The REAL Back Story Behind Bryson & Brooks


It was the eyeroll heard round the world. Brooks Koepka could not hold back his contempt for DeChambeau during an interview at the PGA Championship and it’s been nonstop drama ever since. But let’s back up a bit to 2019 when it all began.

DeChambeau won at a PGA tournament in Dubai. During the event, Bryson was called out for slow play as he was carefully calculating each shot to the dismay of nearly everyone in attendance.
Koepka was asked to weigh in during an interview at the Northern Trust tournament where the world number 7 quipped that it takes a few seconds to get his strategy in order and did not understand why others couldn’t do the same.
When Bryson got wind of the comments, he directly addressed Koepka’s caddie saying, “If Brooks has any complaints to lodge, he should do so to my face.”
After a discussion between the two, it appeared a truce had been reached and that was the end of it.
Until it wasn’t.
The rivalry was reignited when Bryson called out Koepka during the livestream while playing a video game. In his comments, DeChambeau critiqued Koepka’s physique on display in ESPN’s Body issue. The feud was back officially back on.
Brooks hit back with a quip about his trophies tweeting, “You were right @brysondechambeau, I am two short of a six pack.”
He then addressed the back and forth essentially saying that Bryson is the one reneged on their agreement, so all bets were off.
With two very different personalities and playing styles, it is understandable that these two would have a hard time seeing eye to eye. Quite simply, Bryson is the brains and Brooks is the jock – and they annoy the heck out of each other.
For about 6 months, things were quiet between the two and by all appearances, the beef had been squashed. That was until the St. Jude Invitational when Bryson asked for relief after his ball appeared to land near a group of ants. Koepka was quick to poke fun at the incident by joking with his caddie about ants in his shot. Which brings us to the now infamous eye roll.
After the announcement of Capital One’s The Match which features Phil Mickelson & Tom Brady versus Bryson DeChambeau & Aaron Rodgers, Koepka trolled Bryson with a tweet to Aaron Rodgers regarding the pairing. Of course, Bryson couldn’t help but respond by shading Koepka for his comments by saying, “@BKoepka It’s nice to be living rent free in your head!”
Then at the Memorial Tournament a couple of weeks later, some fans were removed from the event after yelling “Brooksy” at DeChambeau. Even though he did not participate in the tournament, Koepka responded by thanking his fans for their support and seemingly encouraging the behavior.
This brings us to the present day where these two have the biggest rivalry in golf. Some argue it’s a distraction while others say it brings attention to a sport that struggles with mainstream relevancy alongside other professional sports.
Personally, we can’t wait to see how the rest of this plays out.

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