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5 Ways That Older Golfers Can Hold Off Father Time


Golf is a game that can be enjoyed for a lifetime, which implies that the quest to improve never ends. In that vein, we’ll look at a few evidence-based things golfers can take to ensure their games age gracefully…

  1. Consume fewer calories than normal…

As you become older, your metabolism slows, which means that even if your eating habits stay the same, you’re more likely to acquire weight. Gary Player, who is credited with starting the fitness revolution in golf, says he now eats “half as much as he used to” and that nutrition monitoring becomes more important as players become older:

Player adds, “I now put eating at 60% because as you get older, you put on weight, and weight stops a train.  When you get heavier and try to swing with the same force you did as a young person, which you can’t do but you’re trying to do it, that’s a quick way to get an injury.”

  1. …but include extra protein

Golfers also lose muscular mass as they become older. Strength training and increased protein replenishment are necessary to counteract these effects. While your diet may need to change as you get older, a healthy diet for older golfers should definitely tilt more toward protein.

  1. Ramp up your stretching (especially your hips)

As golfers age, their flexibility deteriorates, and if you sit at a desk all day, your hip mobility will be one of the most severely impacted sections of your body. Maintaining hip mobility necessitates an active stretching regimen, which will allow for more hip rotation and a more powerful turn.

  1. Longer, lower-heart-rate activities

While there are numerous advantages to getting your heart rate up (one of which we’ll discuss shortly), there is evidence that some of the best training golfers can do as they age is at the “zone 2” level. In a word, this consists of longer, slower activities with a slightly raised but steady heart rate. Walking the golf course is an excellent example of this type of activity, and it can provide a variety of health benefits.

  1. Speed train

As you become older, your distance will definitely decrease – but it doesn’t have to! You can never be too old to speed train, and it can help you hit the ball further and for longer periods of time. It also doesn’t have to be difficult. You can get a launch monitor and set aside an hour a week to swing hard and fast without worrying about direction. You can also use a formal training system. There are plenty of fantastic options available, but whichever one you choose, you’ll come out swinging like you never thought you could.

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