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Brooks & Bryson Hug it Out After Ryder Cup Victory

Brooks and Bryson Hug it Out

Well, look at who seems to be burying the hatchet. Last week, we saw Brooks and Bryson have a quick exchange on the driving range. Nothing too friendly, just a quick chat between teammates. But after all of the drama surrounding the two this year, it was a big moment for those following the craziness.

After the American Ryder Cup victory, it seems that tensions have further softened and these two may be on their way to a friendship. Or at least enough to end the constant back and forth.

A Genuine Moment

Cameras we ready for the moment when Brooks made his way over to Bryson after the Sunday matches. The two exchanged a handshake before going in for a hug and a fist bump. It was no doubt an emotional moment for both golfers as they helped their team decidedly defeat the Europeans.

“(The team) had a mission this week and you could tell, they played great and they came together. I mean, Brooks and Bryson wanted to play together; that’s how much it came together,” captain Steve Stricker said. “That shows a lot about this whole team.”

Here’s hoping these two can finally move past the bickering and do what they both do best.

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