Could Jon Rahm Have Finished the Memorial?

Back in July 2020, when the pandemic was in full swing, players that tested positive were allowed to continue to play at the RBC Heritage Classic. Granted there were no fans, granted they were grouped together, granted we know much more about the virus now than we did then…However, Could there have been another option for Jon Rahm this past weekend at Jack’s Tournament? I know this topic may be somewhat controversial. However, I believe there may have been an un-explored solution for Rahm this past weekend. One that the PGA may want/need to address in the coming months.
Let me set the scene for you: Rahm was cruising to a $1.7 million payday when suddenly, he was hit. Like a boxer, fighting Tyson in the late 80’s, he was struck with a left hook that floored him. After receiving the news in an awkward fashion departing the 18th green, with a 6 stroke lead going into Sunday, the golfer buckled over and bellowed “NO, Not Again”…He broke down in tears and left the course. He staggered to collect himself and then left with the PGA doctor into the tunnel. The spectators, gathered around the finishing hole, were stunned. The fans, including myself, watching at home waited with bated breath for any news of what was said. 5 Minutes. 10 minutes. 15 minutes and still, no word as to what was going on. I continued to watch. Guessing what happened. What was the tragedy that caused such a reaction? We all guessed what it could be. A death in the family? We hoped not. One thing was very clear…Rahm received some very devastating information.
Then the news: Rahm had tested positive for Covid and was forced to withdraw from the event.
Rahm was contact traced to someone who had tested positive, had been tested all week long. Symptom free, he was enroute to another PGA win and a big money paycheck. He had tested negative all week after being tested every day. He was playing some of the best golf we have seen from the young Spaniard. He was looking to go back to back! He felt and looked great.
Here’s the rub. Could the PGA have handled the situation better. Could they have escorted him off the course and told him off air? Could he have played the final round by himself (solo) with social distancing from the crowd? Should PGA tour golfers be forced to be vaccinated? All fair and legitimate questions. The answers allude me on all of these, but one thing remains obvious. As much as we all feel we are proverbially almost out of the woods with regards to the pandemic, the PGA tour was affected this weekend in a major way!
Spoiler Alert: If you have not watched the final round or do not know who won yet. STOP READING NOW:
In the end we ended up with a great final round on Sunday. In a sudden death playoff between Morikawa and Cantlay, on the first playoff hole, Cantlay drained a long-distance birdie while Morikawa missed an 8-footer. Cantlay was crowned the winner of the memorial for the 2nd time in his short career.
Late on Saturday night, Rahm posted an official comment on twitter saying that he was “very disappointed in having to withdraw from the Memorial Tournament.

This is one of those things that happens in life, one of those moments where how we respond to a setback defines us as people. I’m very thankful that my family and I are all OK. I will take all of the necessary precautions to be safe and healthy, and I look forward to returning to the golf course as soon as possible.”
Jack Nicklaus, the host of the Memorial tournament and the designer of the golf course, wrote on his Twitter feed shortly after the third round: “Our hearts go out to Jon and his family as well as all the patrons who witnessed a spectacular round by Jon — only to be negated by this horrible pandemic our world continues to endure.”

Nicklaus, who is 81 and contracted Covid-19 along with his wife, Barbara, in 2020, added: “I wish Jon a speedy recovery and hope he gets back to competition soon.”
All said and done golf fans around the world were left to wonder, like the Little Texas song, “What Might Have Been”. Until we see you again Jon, we all wish you the best. You will live to fight another day…

18 thoughts on “Could Jon Rahm Have Finished the Memorial?”

  1. His failure to get the vaccine timely is what cost his the tournament. The rules were in place. He knew them and for whatever reason chose not to vaccinate until the week of the tournament and only after he knew he was exposed. This is on Rahm, Not the PGA.

    1. You sheeple all say the same however half of all cases now are from vaccinated sheeple. If You trust the experimental drug that’s unproven On humans than you deserve what you get, I think it’s an IQ test that many will fail. 3000+ deaths from the jab an counting??

  2. He could have played solo. The LPGA just loves to screw golfers like they did to Lexi Thomson a couple of years ago..

    1. I think that you need to get a life. Jon plays in the PGA, Lexi in the LPGA. They are not related. Letting him play solo would give him a competitive advantage over the players in chase of him. The rules were there. He ignored them at his own peril.

  3. Jerry Hammond

    I among many feel bad for Jon, the pandemic of this Virus taking it’s toll. But one must ask, was he vaccinated? Were they testing ones that were vaccinated? Whether the pandemic is real or not, eventually you will be forced to take vaccine, or it will be costly in some frustrated manner, or fashion. The PGA…WOW… where was the etiquette in handling this situation? HEADLINE NEWS……….or………STUPIDITY???

  4. philip obrien

    he is an idiot to not get the shot. these guys are coddled, this is a jolt of reality we all face.

    1. It’s a free country.!! Everyone has the right to choose. You don’t like that, get your ass to a communist country

  5. having been tested all week and the test results being negative might the positive test been a false positive?
    they could have had him play with a pro who either had the virus or had the shot.
    or he could have played alone or with a marker.
    the pga , i feel, owes him first place money and credit for a win

    1. Almost totally agree, he would have to have won for 1st place $$$$$. Odd players play with markers, why not the leader?

  6. Marshall Smith

    For some very odd reason, Rahm drug his feet on being vaccinated. We all know people in this covid environment that, for some strange reason, won’t get the vaccine. That’s all well and good and a personal choice but if you’re in an organized sport playing next to people that certainly don’t want to be infected, you give up your right to decide to opt out of the vaccine. You either be vaccinated to play or don’t play. You’re not being forced to be vaccinated.

    I really want to make the point though that the officials in the tournament made a hideous mistake in for some stupid reason needing to inform Rahm five feet off the green that he was positive rather than wait 20 yards and in the privacy of the signing room to give him the bad news. That was a totally classless move.

  7. PGA score for this incident ZERO. They were totally moronic in their dealings with it. They probably wanted him to blow up and cause a scene for more TV time. AKA GREED. The corporations are so out of control. They give up everything, morals, honor anything and everything for the almighty “Yankee” dollar. Just like the song Harry Belafonte sang about the banana carrier. Rham made a mistake regarding the vaccination and playing with other players, that is his error, and he will live with it, and he appears to be okay with his decision, so let it be.


  9. Mitch Netterfield

    If he had received his vaccination it wouldn’t have been a problem, Jon is a pro, he should have known better… very costly, I’m very surprised that his coaching staff didn’t push him…felt bad he is one of my favorites

  10. John Paul Jones

    Does the vaccine work or not? If the other players were vaccinated and you believe it works why was he forced to withdraw?

    Lest hear some head diaper wearer comments on this.

  11. Jon should have been allowed to play on the final day. He and his caddie could have worn a mask when walking off the green to the next tee and when he accepted the trophy for winning and when answering questions..
    Odd that none of the players in the NFL wore masks on the sidelines, but Goodell fines coaches who didn’t wear masks. Same holds true for the NBA.

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