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DeChambeau Hits Massive 480-Yard Drive, Wins The Match Alongside Aaron Rodgers


After weeks of build-up, we were finally able to watch Capital One’s The Match IV on Tuesday. The exhibition event took place at the Reserve at Moonlight Basin in Montana with Phil Mickelson again teaming up with Tom Brady to face-off against Bryson DeChambeau and Aaron Rodgers.
The fourth installment of the exhibition match has been a fan favorite and has previously featured top names like Tiger Woods, Charles Barkley, Peyton Manning, and Stephen Curry. The athletes are equipped with microphones, so fans get to hear all of the hilarious banter and this year’s event came with some incredible mountain views sure to make any golfer at least a little jealous.
“For me, it’s just going to be hitting as many bombs as possible,” said Bryson DeChambeau prior to teeing off. “This golf course and this elevation, I’m going to be trying to hit it on many greens that are 400 yards plus.”
And boy did DeChambeau deliver. Early in the match, Bryson did just what he promised taking a fairway wood off the tee on the par-4 12th hole. With the pin sitting at 392-yards, he managed to land safely on the green. Bryson wasn’t the only one with an impressive drive here with Tom Brady landing also landing his shot close to the pin.

The most impressive hole by far was number 17, which sits at a whopping 777 yards. With a bunker sitting at just under 390 yards, this was definitely the one to watch. Mickelson was first up and his shot seemingly headed straight for the sand, however, Bryson easily cleared it with a 480-yard drive, a career long for the golfer, much to Phil’s dismay.

“You more than (covered the bunker). That is amazing,” Phil exclaimed as Bryson sent his shot sailing. “Good heavens. Is that legal? Seriously?”
“Some would find that inspiring, and as I walk off, I just feel defeated. Great drive.”
Rodgers, likely feeling inspired by his partner’s performance, smashed his tee shot an impressive 438 yards. The NFL star held his own and managed to sink birdie after birdie, putting him and Bryson in the lead by 3 shots.
Mickelson and Brady just couldn’t close the gap and The Match ended on the 16th hole with Rodgers walking in his putt for the win.

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