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Gear Question Of The Day: How can I tell if the issue is with my swing or the club?


The game of golf has a plethora of signs that will tell you whether you’ve made a mistake throughout your swing. The first is feel; you can usually tell when you’ve made a terrible swing just because it felt weird — whether it was too fast, sluggish, out of balance, or out of sequence. The next step is aural feedback, which can reveal a lot about how well the ball was struck, whether on or off the sweet spot. There’s also the ball flight, which indicates whether or not you made a decent swing by how far the ball travels and in which direction it travels.

Or can you?

To be honest, if you don’t know where you’re making contact on the face, you might not know what’s going on with your swing and your ability to hit consistent golf shots. Let’s dig deeper into what this means and whether you really need a launch monitor to figure out if your issue is a swing or contact issue.

The best method to tell if your driver is properly fitted for you—that is, if you have the ideal shaft flex and length, clubhead weighing and face angle, loft, and so on—is to look at where you make contact with the ball on the clubface. Again, this is critical because where you strike the ball on the clubface has a significant impact on how the ball travels. Hits off the middle of the clubface react dramatically differently than shots fired further away from the sweet spot. You won’t know if your ball flight is a result of how you swing or if it’s a result of your equipment reacting to your mis-hits if you’re frequently hitting towards the toe, heel, or high/low on the face.

Perhaps it’s both.

This is what you must do. Get a foot powder aerosol spray can from your local market or drugstore. Aficionados of the launch monitor have long used it to swiftly examine where the ball makes impact on the face while leaving little to no mess. After you’ve got it, apply a light application to the clubfaces of your driver and woods and start hitting some balls.

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