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Golf Analyst Fired Over Offensive Comments

Golf Analyst Fired Over Offensive Comments

Mark Lye, a former PGA Tour winner turned golf commentator, said Sunday he was fired from his role as a SiriusXM PGA Tour Radio host over comments he made a day earlier about the WNBA.

In an email to GOLF.com, a SiriusXM spokesperson confirmed that Lye, 69, “will no longer be hosting.”

Lye’s comments came on Saturday’s episode of The Scorecard, during a discussion of the LPGA. A Twitter user captured and shared 59 seconds of the conversation:

“You know, the LPGA Tour to me is a completely different tour than it was 10 years ago,” Lye said. “… You couldn’t pay me to watch. You really couldn’t. Because I just, I couldn’t relate at all. It’s kind of like, you know, if you’re a basketball player — and I’m not trashing anybody; please, don’t take it the wrong way — but I saw some highlights of ladies’ basketball. Man, is there a gun in the house? I’ll shoot myself than watch that.

“You know, I love watching the men’s basketball. I love watching the men’s golf. I never used to like watching ladies’ golf. But I will tell you this. I’ve been up close watching these ladies play because I used to have a big function every year called the Lucas Cup and I’d have LPGA players and PGA Tour players.”

At this point, a co-host interjected: “Good luck getting some WNBA stars to come play for you.”

“Yeah, I know, I know,” Lye said. “I’m off their list. I’m sorry about that.”

Reached on Sunday by GOLF.com, Lye said, “I was terminated about comments made about the WNBA, which I apologized for starting the next segment.” 

Lye also posted this explanation to Twitter: “The fact that I can’t relate to WNBA does not make me sexist in any way. All you haters should listen to the whole segment, where I completely glorified womens golf, which I love to cover. Thanks for listening.”

On Sunday afternoon, the Saturday episode of The Scorecard was no longer available on the SiriusXM website. 

Lye played on the PGA Tour from 1977 to 1995, notching 41 top 10s; his sole victory came at the Bank of Boston Classic, in 1983. From 2003 to 2008, he played on the PGA Tour Champions, with one top-10 finish.

Lye also worked as an analyst for Golf Channel from 1994 to 2012, according to his LinkedIn page.

This article originally appeared on Golf.com

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  1. It is a terrible state of affairs when one cannot express an opinion without “offending” this or that person or entity to the extent that it causes his career to be ruined. Mark Lye was a good commentator and I am sure he is no different from a huge percentage of men who would never watch women’s basketball unless their daughters played and I am not sure that would be sufficient. Frankly, it is tough enough to watch men’s basketball. I am sure there is a substantial percentage who wouldn’t be caught dead watching professional golf. They can’t stand it. So what? Should they not b e able to say so? As long as it doesn’t interfere with my watching it, I couldn’t care less. Why should anyone care? This is still a free country (I hope) and “offending” someone is a different animal from causing harm to someone. One, you can see, the other is in his head, and that is where it should remain.

  2. I totally agree with David. What a crock. You put “I hope” in brackets. Well, forget it. There is no hope. Free speech is dead in this country unless you’re trashing a white male or a police officer.

    • Well, sorry, but the speech in this case is Sirius’s, not its employee’s. Actually, I do think we all are too thin-skinned these days. I mean, what is wrong, really, with calling for the hanging of a sitting vice president? On the other hand, Lyle’s comment does not offend me but unfortunately reflects poorly on him. He is the professional and ought to be able to discuss the differences between NBA and WNBA play without denigrating either, and, one would hope, without referencing gun suicide as a joke. What I have learned watching high school ball is that the girls may have fewer muscle skills, but, at least in the past few years, demonstrate far more resilience and 24 minutes of effort than some of the boys do. For example, even in a blow out the girls seem never to stop, never to quit. What Lyle might have said is that he sees the increased sophistication and skills of women players in both sports and can find a different way to appreciate their game–not a bruising dunk game but in some ways a more developing finesse game. This is perhaps why many of the men at my club insist that they learn more from watching LPGA players than the men because hardly any of them (us) have the slightest 350-yard drive game that affects so much of after-drive play.

  3. You only get fired if your opinion goes against the woke agenda. He would be in very good standing if he offered a negative opinion about any male sport or just white males in general. This country needs to toughen up, thicken its skin and start calling out this bulls***. He was not being hateful, he was offering an opinion. If you do not like his opinion, change the channel. It is called freedom. It was the basis for the founding of this country.

    • He told the truth about GOLF and that is his number one sport to comment on. As far as commenting other sports, why can’t a full fledged adult male give his opinion on another women’s sport? I am a huge sports fan and have been a coach and referee of many sports, but I don’t like to watch a few of the. I am not overly thrilled with soccer and lacrosse, but I won’t sati hear because I will be probably banned from social media for life……


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