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How Michael Phelps’s swimming helped him become a world-class golfer


Some people excel in everything with an impossible, invisible, and enraging level of skill. One of these people is Michael Phelps.

Phelps is not only the best swimmer and most decorated Olympian of all time, but he is also a great golfer. His skills seem to be made for life on the links.

Yes, Michael Phelps is a very talented athlete. But his skills on the golf course don’t seem to come from his natural athleticism alone. At the Icons Series, a notable celebrity team-style event which is just outside New York City, Phelps told us more about how his previous job has helped him become a great golfer.

“The best way I can explain the game has been through swimming,” Phelps said. “A guy I work with, Mike Abbott, compares it to what I was doing in the pool, and body position. For me, that’s all I know. I mean I can literally do it in my sleep.”

Body position is a key part of any good golf swing, of course. It is also important for anyone who wants to swim well. Phelps was able to improve his golf game once he realized that even though these two pillars are different, they are also very similar in some ways.

“I used to have my top-half closed. He was like ‘are you going to dive off the block like that?’” Phelps said. “And I was like ‘Oh, perfect. Get in line, hold your core.’ And that little tip has helped me knock probably two or three points off my handicap.”

It’s not just about the body, either. Phelps has used his reputation for being a fierce competitor to help him on the golf course.

“Breathing. Honestly, I feel like there are times where I get super excited or maybe I get anxious about a shot. So for me, it’s taking a deep breath,” Phelps said. “That’s been something I’ve really added and paid attention to. I want to slow down. Being in the sport of swimming, you just go, go, go, go, go. Out here, you can’t try harder or hit the ball harder.”

In the end, these small clues have helped the man who is amazing at everything add one more thing to his list. Check out the video below to hear the rest of Phelps’ interview, including the time he used an Olympic medal as a ballmark.

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