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How this teen turned pro became of the longest players in golf


It’s similar to witnessing a machine gun at a firing range to watch Pia Babnik strike her driver on the driving range.

She doesn’t spend any time between strokes as the range balls explode off the clubface one after another and fly into the air. She starts the backswing for her next ball as the last one comes to rest 275 yards distant.

The scene at Ferry Point Golf Links in The Bronx on Tuesday afternoon looked like this. The 18-year-old sat down in the center of the range and hurriedly blasted through a bag of balls while her father (and swing coach) Ales meticulously observed each stroke as she practiced for the Aramco Team Series.

“From a young age, she’s always been one of the fastest,” Ales said. “It doesn’t matter if it’s golf or something else in other sports. She was born with the skill, and we try not to lose it.”

Whether the phrase “fastest” refers to her swing speed or the rate at which she can go through a bag of balls is unclear, but in our opinion, both are true.

Babnik, who is 5 feet 11 inches tall, has plenty of speed. Despite being as skinny as a rail, she has long limbs that enable her to swing with a huge arc and a lot of clubhead speed. She is one of the game’s longest hitters due to her speed. She averages 275 yards per drive, which puts her in ninth place overall on the Ladies European Tour.

She has a straightforward method for how she is so fast.

In practice, I simply try to strike it pretty hard, she remarked. I make an effort to swing as forcefully as I can to see how far it travels.

It can seem like an extremely basic advice to swing as hard as you can, but even with the longest drives in the world, that’s the key component.

You must swing as forcefully as you can during practice to push yourself beyond your comfort zone, regardless of where the ball lands. These practice sessions are designed to give your body the fast-swinging experience so that you may eventually enhance your top swing speed. You may now enter the course with a play pace that is quicker than previously since a new maximum has been created.

Babnik said, “I’m always trying to become better physically and technically. I’m always working on it.”

Original article posted on Golf.com

Photo credit: taylormadegolf.com

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