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Man Brazenly Swipes Club from McIlroy’s Bag at Scottish Open


Golf may not be an exciting sport for many, but occasionally something wild happens that makes even non-golfers take notice. There was quite the scene at the Scottish Open last week as a fan brazenly walked up and snatched a club from Rory McIlroy’s bag.

As Rory was talking with his caddie and world number 2, Jon Rahm, a spectator bravely approached the group and immediately grabbed one of Rory’s irons, taking the headcover along with it.
As the pros watch in shock and look for security, the man is casually examining the club and getting into his stance as if about to attempt a shot. It takes a few seconds before security approaches the man to remove him from the tee.
After a little resistance, the clearly intoxicated man is lead off by a larger security officer to be ejected from the tournament and was later arrested.
ESPN caught up with representatives for the European Tour who said, ‘the matter is now in the hands of Police Scotland.’”
When asked for his take on the bizarre scene by the Scotsman, Jon Rahm recalled; “Me and Rory and Adam were just looking. Like ‘what is going on?’ After a little bit, when he walked back and they were taking him out you could smell the reason why it happened.”
“Let me put it this way: you could smell the reason why he did what he did. He was clearly not sober. I’m going to say it was vodka. I’m no expert, but he had a long night for sure. He probably thought it was a fun idea. And, to be fair, it was quite funny.”
When Rahm was asked if he was concerned for his safety and he said, “No. Me and Rory didn’t say anything. He was holding a 6 iron and I didn’t want to get hurt.”
Back in June, another spectator made his way onto the fairway during the 121st U.S. Open at Torrey Pines before security promptly escorted him off property.

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