Patrick Reed Reminds Us

Patrick Reed Reminds Us Why He Shouldn’t Play in the Ryder Cup

Patrick Reed’s bout with the truth as well as accused rule bending is well documented. Now, it appears he is at it again. There is no doubt he was hospitalized with pneumonia a few weeks ago. However, It turns out it may have been worse than we thought…
This is where the story gets interesting. The golfer was admitted to the hospital with a case of ‘double pneumonia’. Reed said it was so bad, he was afraid he may succumb to the illness. “First couple days they were sitting there telling me that make sure you text your family quite a bit, talk to your family, because you just don’t know. I mean, this is not good. We’re not in a good spot right now,” Reed told ESPN’s Bob Harig.

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“With how the hospitals are these days because of COVID-19 and everything that’s going on, it doesn’t matter what’s going on. They won’t allow people in there, so it’s only you in there. So I’m sitting there and those first two days the only thing that was going through my mind is, I’m not going to be able to tell my kids goodbye. I’m not going to be able to tell them I love them. I’m not going to be able to tell my wife that I love her and give her a hug.”
Reed also said that because he was not tested for Covid-19, he couldn’t rule out the possibility. He later backtracked by saying that he did indeed test negative prior to leaving the hospital. Really, he was not tested when admitted for a bronchial infection for the most prevalent pandemic we have seen in decades? Hmmm… I need to dig into this one a little deeper.
Reed said: “No. I obviously got tested when I was leaving, and I tested negative.” Reed said when asked for clarification. “So that’s always a positive. But, and really when I went into the ER and with the scans and everything they have done, did on my lungs and everything, their main priority was to make sure that we fought this pneumonia in both lungs because of how fatal it can be.”

So, which is it? By insinuating doctors may have overlooked a necessary Covid-19 test, Reed appears to again be having a bit of trouble with the truth.  If he did contract the virus, he certainly would not have been the first – nor the last. Many other pros have tested positive recently. Shoot, Rahm even had to pull out of both the Memorial and the Olympics due to a double diagnosis even after a vaccination within a 6-week timeframe. What’s the big deal Captain America? Alright, Ill keep digging.
Reed later posted a message on Twitter in an attempt to clear up the confusion.

 Of course, this wouldn’t be the first time Patrick Reed has twisted the facts.

Here is the full exchange with the reporters:

Can you give us a timeline of your health? I mean, first of all, there was a report that you had COVID, but I couldn’t really detect that from your statement.

PATRICK REED: Yeah. When I was, the statement came from the doctors and my team, to tell me exactly what I had. But I had bilateral pneumonia in both lungs, and that’s what they were treating me in the hospital. And it was scary because it was in my lower lobes, which is where, a lot of deaths and people pass away from. So they were really monitoring that, and really the biggest thing is just continuing doing my breathing exercises and try to clear out my, really my left lung as much as possible, which it’s improving, but we still, they gave me the go-ahead to fly and be at cabin pressure starting Monday.
So to be able to fly and for them to kind of allow me to be here and to play is obviously meaning I’m going the right direction. Now, I would think once I get back with this week, I go to the doctors and just kind of see where I’m at, but the way everyone on my team kind of makes it sound is once this week’s over, I’m full go to be able to do exactly what I want.

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Were you ever diagnosed with COVID after the bilateral pneumonia?

PATRICK REED: They never tested me. I don’t know.

They never tested you?

PATRICK REED: No. I obviously I got tested when I was leaving and I tested negative. So that’s always a positive. But, and really when I went into the ER and with the scans and everything they have done, did on my lungs and everything, their main priority was to make sure that we fought this pneumonia in both lungs because of how fatal it can be.
Let me get this straight…We fought but They didn’t test me. Kind like the old caddie saying goes, We shot 68 but He shot 77.
Suggesting emergency room doctors and nurses failed to administer the most obvious and necessary diagnostic tool given his symptoms? All to avoid admitting you caught a virus (at least) 4.8 million other Americans have also contracted? Shame-Shame Know Your Name.
Then again, this is the same person who complained about getting a Tiger Woods partnership in Paris when he privately campaigned for it. And even aired this grievance after Tiger carried his rather sizable stern around Le Golf National. So in that sense it’s a no-brainer to throw less-famous doctors and nurses under the bus.
Reed had an infamous run in with bunker scraping to improve his lie. He also took a drop at the Farmers for an embedded ball that bounced and threw Rory McIlroy under the bus by saying… Wait…He did it too!
While a lot of golf fans may get caught up in whose strokes-gained approach from 200+ fits Whistling Straights best, Reed’s latest remarks offer an amazing gift to Captain Stricker: this is a man who has not learned his lesson. This is someone who may not be the best fit from a character standpoint.
Infamous gangster and casino mogul, Meyer Lansky is said to have quoted: “If you lose your money – you lose nothing. If you lose your home – you lose something. But if you lose your character – you lose everything! Keep in mind this is a member of the outfit! Not a PGA tour professional. Seems like Reed could use to learn a thing or two from Ol’ Lansky…

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Character and the way you play the game should still matter in making team selections. It is far too easy, given the state of the world currently, to forget how the Ryder Cup was actually started as a goodwill exhibition and a celebration of humanity.
“I trust that the effect of this match will be to influence a cordial, friendly and peaceful feeling throughout the whole civilized world,” said Samuel Ryder. “I look upon the Royal and Ancient game as being a powerful force that influences the best things in humanity.”
The United States Ryder Cup team should be comprised of players who’ve demonstrated a modicum of civility and dignity. Given the opportunity, Patrick Reed always takes a pass, even in recalling how he checked into a modern hospital in a major American city, struggling to breathe, and claiming he was not administered a COVID test a day after telling a trusted reporter that he contracted COVID.
Patrick Reed has insulted our intelligence before. He will do so again.
While there are so many layers to this awful virus, a real role model would fess up to the experience and share a message to be mindful, get vaccinated, be grateful for what you have, hug your kids, etc. Patrick Reed is no role model, never will be, and cannot be trusted to represent his country without incident.

The 2021 team should be comprised of those who make their country proud by exhibiting skill, class, and sportsmanship under pressure. That’s not Reed. He reminded us yet again that despite all the passion, talent, and patriotism, he cannot be trusted to uphold Samuel Ryder’s grand mission. Reed wouldn’t begin to understand it, before or after surviving his bout with COVID-19.

13 thoughts on “Patrick Reed Reminds Us Why He Shouldn’t Play in the Ryder Cup”

  1. I unsubscribed due to garbage premise and writing like this …. she/her/him/they/it does not belong writing about golf, she/her/him/they/it belongs more writing for a alpha nu newsletter ….. that is the inherent value of this piece and thus reflects poorly on ClickitGolf ….. Good luck with she/her/him/they/it on staff ….

    1. Why are you trashing this man over his obviously frightening medical experience? What is known or unknown about
      his treatment, or lack of, should be hands off for creepy commentators like you to mine for your own goals. You and
      your sponsors are the ones who deserve disrespect, not Patrick Reed.

  2. This article makes me want to never read your stuff again and think twice before buying great products from clickit golf. I am all for integrity and holding people accountable. However, this is not reporting this is a smear article. Perhaps the doctors did not test for COVID because he was documented as fully vaccinated and that didn’t fit the story or statistics they wanted? Did you consider and explore other possibilities before writing this article? If all paitients with pneumonia are treated no different if they do or don’t have COVID then the additional test imay nit have been necessary. I agree that with those symptoms he should have been tested but did you interview the hospital staff before assuming that Reed did the wrong thing again? Before you spread information that makes him look bad? The article looks like a smear piece and the writer didn’t do their homework. I expect better in the world of golf. Assume innocent until proven guilty..

    1. Its only a game all, relax and smell the roses. World is a mess with Covid, conflict, education and food shortages, etc and then why not concentrate on those issues. Should Fed Ex winner donate all that loot to any cause? Yes or no is a controversy. If you want to be a crusader fine but say so upfront so the readers know where you are coming from. How about leaving golf on the course.

  3. I couldn’t have said it any better. P. Reed does not represent what is best about America and American golf and should never be allowed to represent the great USofA!

    1. The hospital regulations prevent them from stating whether a patient had a test— or even their medical issues without permission.

  4. Mark Blankenship

    Your article is garbage. You and the media are all bottom feeders. I had the vaccine and I got Covid 6 months afterwards.

    Reed lives his life the way he chooses not the way you media hacks desire. He has had issues on and off the course but you don’t have all the facts.

    I wasted my life minutes reading your garbage.

  5. Where’s the by line on this piece? Are you seriously telling us that Reed was subjected to this intrusive line of questioning at a PGA Tour press conference and the moderator allowed it? He was hospitalised with pneumonia for goodness sake, quite a big deal for one so young – who cares if it was caused by Covid? I suppose you rang the hospital to check he was telling the truth about being there, as all hostile reporters would have done.

  6. #1 none of your DAMN business why he was in the hospital. All you people want is for him or anyone else to have the China flu so you can make it look much worse than it REALLY is! As effectively as the media makes up whatever is needed to complicate a persons life, I can see why you would want to make Reed look as bad as possible in the viewers eyes! You people SUCK!!!

  7. It seems like you are taking. Lot of liberties with this article. Maybe you are y
    the one who should have your facts checked. But of course the news media is never wrong. Why have You not called the hospital and checked out the facts before trying to ruin a golfers life. Shame on you, I hope you loose your job.

  8. I agree with the obtrusive nature of reporters and none more than this case trying to discredit a professional golfer not on the basis of his craft but on the basis of innuendos. Patrick Reed is an exceptional golfer who would serve the Ryder Cup team admirably with his golf not is unwillingness to cowtow to irresponsible reporters. Leave the guy alone. He deserved his personal space.

  9. Some people just can’t tell the truth, or get the facts exact. They been lying so long it’s just natural to what they call fib. I play golf with good what you’d think honest people but cheat on golf scores and who cares what his score is. We’re not playing for money just fun.

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