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Payne’s Valley Awarded “Best New Public Course” by Golf Digest

Payne's Valley Recognized by Golf Digest

Payne’s Valley has received a new honor for the new year.

Golf Digest, a monthly golf magazine published by Discovery, Inc. covering recreational and competitive golf, has named Big Cedar Lodge’s fifth course, Payne’s Valley, as the 2021 Best New Public Course in North America.

Tiger Woods collaborated with Bass Pro Shops founder Johnny Morris on the future design of the 19th hole at Payne’s Valley, Woods’ first public golf course, over five years ago.

The course, which is named after golf icon and Ozarkian Payne Stewart, features a stunning view with a cave and several waterfalls. Payne’s Valley’s first 18 holes contribute to the “Nature Golf” idea.

“The walkable course is challenging yet player friendly,” according to Big Cedar Lodge. “The experience is highlighted by a one-of-a-kind, mile-long finish that transports players through a breathtaking natural, spring-fed cavern system, over bridges that span 250-foot cliff faces and through ancient waterfalls. The experience from the first tee to the clubhouse spans not just an incredible golf course, but a journey through natural beauty.”

The new course is “everything we dreamed of,” Morris said in a news release from Big Cedar Lodge.

“We are honored to have received this ranking from Golf Digest, one of the oldest and most respected golf publications in the sport,” said Morris. “We are proud and very grateful to Tiger for what he and his remarkably talented team helped us create here at Payne’s Valley, we are humbled to see that so many others feel the same.”

Payne’s Valley joins Big Cedar’s other top-rated courses, including as Buffalo Ridge Springs, Ozarks National, Mountain Top, and Top of the Rock, in receiving this honor. Golfweek’s yearly rankings of the “Best Course You Can Play in Missouri” for 2020 include Ozarks National and Buffalo Ridge Springs.

Payne’s Valley is the second Big Cedar course to get the award for Best New Course in North America from Golf Digest. Golf Digest named Ozarks National the Best New Public Course of 2019.

For information, visit bigcedar.com/golf.

Read the original article on Springfield News-Leader.

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