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Steve Stricker Grateful to be Alive After Major Health Scare

Steve Stricker Grateful to be Alive

Steve Stricker lead the United States Ryder Cup team to a convincing victory over Europe in his home state of Wisconsin in 2021. It appeared that he was having a dream year. Stricker, on the other hand, admitted last week that he had been ill immediately after the Ryder Cup. He had only recently been discharged from the hospital.

Wisconsin.Golf has released a report on the subject. They say Stricker, who will turn 55 in February, was hospitalized on Oct. 23. He complained of a sore throat and a persistent cough, nearly a month after the Ryder Cup. He took antibiotics and felt better for a couple of weeks. However, then his health problems progressed to a more critical level.

“I came home from hunting one night and I was like, ‘I don’t feel good. My side hurts. I just don’t feel right,’” he said in the interview. “That night I had the sweats and all of a sudden, my temperature was 103. I went back to my primary and got amoxicillin, a heavier antibiotic. And I think I had a reaction to that. My throat started to close up, my lips got puffy, my glands got puffy, my tongue got puffy. It was like an allergic reaction. I was still having these 103-degree temps.

“So, I went into the hospital about two weeks before Thanksgiving and they kept me in there. That’s when the s— hit the fan. My liver numbers started getting worse. My white blood cell count was jacked up really high. I was fighting something, but they couldn’t find out what it was. My liver was going downhill. I got jaundice. I was yellow and peeing out Pepsi-colored pee.”

He was negative for COVID, but his heart began racing shortly afterward. He went to the hospital twice in a short period of time. As of right now, Stricker claims to be in better spirits.

“I’m still on no activity. I’m still dealing with inflammation around the heart,” he said. “That part is getting better, though, all the time. They took an MRI right before Christmas and it was still there, this inflammation, but it’s going down. I’ll have another MRI on the 20th (of January). If it’s gone, then I can start to do things.

“I’m down 25 pounds. I’m freshman-in-high school weight. I lost all my muscle. I look like an 85-year-old man, dude. My skin is hanging.”

Stricker has begun hitting chip shots, but his cardiologist said it could be six months before he’s able to compete again on the PGA Tour Champions.

Read the original article on Sports Illustrated.

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  1. Steve,
    Wishing you a speedy recovery. I was fortunate enough to meet you at a fund raiser golf tournament that your father-in-law hosted in Madison one year. He and I were alumni from Northland College. At that event, your father-in-law donated one of your drivers for our benefit golf tournament that we hold each year in memory of our daughter, Kristi, who was killed in an auto accident in 2003. Hope you recover fast and return to the links. God Bless!

    • I would not be surprised if it were a reaction to the vaccine shots. I have heard of a number of people who have had different reactions that the medical field can’t explain and these were healthy people before they got the shot.


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