The FAMOUS Ladder Drill | Backyard Chipping 101

The FAMOUS Ladder Drill | Backyard Chipping 101

Our resident golf pro is back for another Swing Tip Sunday.  In this chipping series, we are giving you some great drills that you can do at home. For this exercise, all you need is your backyard and a ladder. With this quick video, you will have your chip shot game on point in no time.

Aaron Olson, who is on Golf Digest’s List of best golfing teachers, gives us some of his tips for using this popular drill at home. To get started, you will need to set up your ladder about six feet away from you and grab five golf balls to practice your shots. Your goal is to be able to chip your shots so that they land in between each of the steps on the ladder with the same club.

For the low shot, Olson recommends setting up the ball in the back of your stance. Be sure not to set your feet too wide here – about one club width. To keep the ball low, you will need to keep the club head inline with your forward arm. As you begin to hit the higher spaces, a few tweaks will be necessary in order to achieve the height needed for each step. You will want to gradually set the ball more forward in your stance, open the club face, and add a little more follow through at the end of your swing.

If you want to add a little more of a challenge here, grab an object such as a small pot or toilet paper roll. The smaller you make your target, the harder this will be. By adding this extra step, you will see even more accuracy in your shots which will help lower your scores.

So, what are you waiting for? Give this tip a try and be sure to come back to tell us how it improved your game!

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