Home NEWS The Latest Masters News Has Golf Fans Talking

The Latest Masters News Has Golf Fans Talking

The Latest Masters News Has Golf Fans Talking

Ever since he returned to the playing golf after his accident, one question about Tiger Woods has been on every golf fan’s mind. Will Tiger make an appearance at this year’s Masters?

Although there is no official word on Woods’ participation at Augusta National, the fact that he hasn’t been ruled out gives fans hope that he will.

The Masters has already revealed that a number of past champions, including Phil Mickelson, Gary Player, Angel Cabrera, and Trevor Immelman, will not compete this year.

Woods’ name didn’t appear on the list of “Past Champions Not Playing,” which golf fans instantly noted. As you can think, this sparked a flurry of speculation on Twitter.

“I’m glad to see that you are not currently on this list…I’m attending my first Masters and hoping to see you out there in a couple of weeks,” one fan tweeted.

“I believe that Tiger Woods will definitely play the Masters this year,” another fan wrote. “So many factors pointing towards it. Yes, the walk is tough, but if walking is the only issue for the greatest champion in sports history, we’re in a good spot.”

“That would be magic,” one person replied to the latest news.

If Woods does compete at The Masters, the TV ratings would be ridiculously high.

Do you think we’ll see Tiger in action next month?

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