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These New Shorts Are Stealing The Show On Every Golf Course


I’ve been harping on the subject of golf clothes being a bit stuffy for years.

I have no problems with anyone who prefers conventional golf clothing. I don’t hold it against you if you’ve been buying what most golf gear businesses have been selling for years. A lot of that material appeals to me as well.

But, although many people have been focused on more casual golf clothes for the torso, such as sweatshirts and blade-style collars, I’ve been focusing on shorts and pants that make the walk more comfortable while still looking professional.

Here’s Fourlaps, a manufacturer of athletic and leisure clothing for both sexes. The majority of what they offer is aimed at those who are going for a run or ready to begin a gym activity. They did, however, just launch their new Equip short, and they asked if I’d want to test how they performed on the golf course.

The Equip short is a terrific illustration of the type of golf shorts I now prefer to wear. Even the most discerning eye will notice details that make them look like classic golf-style shorts. They have a false fly to make them appear like a more expensive pair of shorts. They have a concealed drawstring and a sturdy, flat waistline. They have the same inseam as golf shorts. Golfers prefer pockets in the rear, especially in the back. These shorts come in four various colors, all of which complement almost every golfer’s color scheme.

The comfort of the Equip shorts is a major selling factor. These shorts are really soft, but not too so, and they’re made with a four-way stretch in mind. The Equip shorts move well and feel wonderful thanks to an equal combination of recycled nylon and polyester, as well as 12% Spandex. There’s no need to adjust them throughout a round, and they make strolling a golf course, especially one as steep as mine, feel like a morning stroll.

The pockets are deep enough to hold all of the items you could wish to store in them. Some golfers may not like the zipper on the rear pocket, however it is a matter of personal choice. Inside of the right front pocket, there’s also a little zipped compartment inside as well.

The Equip shorts come in sizes ranging from small to XXL and run somewhat large, but not baggy. Stick to the same sizing as your exercise shorts.

Of course, when it comes to on-course attire, some clubs are really strict. Some people would find it unusual if you tucked a golf shirt inside the Equip shorts. In general, though, the Equip shorts are suitable for use on the vast majority of golf courses. No one will notice if you wear them with a quarter-zip or a sweater on a cold morning.

The Equip shorts are priced similarly to a nice pair of golf shorts, at $68, making them simple to try out. Even if you don’t think they’re appropriate on the golf course, they’re perfect for social events when you want to be comfortable while yet looking put-together.

The comfort revolution has arrived in golf, and it is spectacular. Golfers may feel fantastic in what they’re wearing while appearing just elegant enough, thanks to soft materials blended into a real world-friendly style.

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