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“The World’s most technically advanced golf shafts” … TPT
As with most of the More Golf Today reviews, we are approached by a company to review their upcoming product. Once in awhile we get to review some gear or apparel that is intriguing. This review is one of those … intriguing.


The next part that was intriguing as well is that you need to get your TPT Golf Shaft through an authorized fitter. None of this over the counter purchase and then have someone put it on your clubs. When I got fitted, I wasn’t told how this shaft is going to make me hit the ball further. What I keep hearing is “dispersion”, meaning that I will hit more balls consistently in the same area compared to spraying them everywhere. If I can start hitting my driver more frequently down the center of the fairway, I will score better. Simply theory. Hit it straight – score better. I like what I’m hearing about the TPT Shaft so far. The golf world is changing and I think people are starting to understand that in order to get the most out of your clubs, you need to have them fitted. You need your shafts and heads fitted. I went through an intense fitting session with my favorite club fitter, Club Champion (I went to the Santa Monica location, but they have them throughout the U.S.). We tried a few different shafts (there are 5 different series of shafts), added weights, and narrowed it down to the creme de la creme (well, for my swing it is) 16 Series, LKP/MT/SW. Yeah, that sounds French to me too.



During the fitting, we really focused on the dispersion of my shots. We wanted to make the screen look like a cluster of shots (all in the same area) instead of dots sprayed everywhere. If you haven’t been fitted or hit into a screen, you end up with a dot of where your ball comes to rest. If you hit left, center, and right, you’ll have dots everywhere. If you hit it down the middle, you’ll have a cluster of dots in the center. Obviously, that is what you want. After going through a few practice swings to determine my club speed, we chose the 16 Series. The series are broken up into swing speed – the slower the swing speed the higher the series number (Series 19 is for the slowest swingers and 15 is for the fastest swingers). Now that we have the swing speed down, we have to work on the weight. The LKP is lighter than the MKP. Once we got dialed in, I was hitting more clusters. Very excited. Next up, the course.



One of the things about the More Golf Today reviews is that we don’t go too far into the physics, technology, etc… of the products we review. Most people really want to know what can it do for me? We can talk about kick point, torque, CPM, weight, and length, but we really want to talk about the results. Well, after 54 holes of golf in the south of Spain (Alcaidesa, Almanara, and Parador), I found that unless the club moved in my swing (hey, I’m not a scratch golfer, these things happen), I was hitting that cluster of golf balls down the middle of the fairway. The weight of the 16 Series was spot on. If the shaft is too light, you’ll swing too fast and slice the ball. My fitter was phenomenal and honed in on my swing with perfection. Did I play the best rounds of my life with my new TPT Series 16 shaft, no. But don’t let that answer fool you, because the reason I didn’t play my best round wasn’t due to my driver.



I was a little nervous to start messing around with my driver and change out the shaft. I wasn’t sure if I was going to take it for a test ride and then put the stock shaft back on (I mean, it was working pretty well before). Well, I’m sticking with the Series 16 TPT Golf Shaft for good. It feels great. The weight is perfect. And I love the way I’m hitting the ball. I highly recommend the TPT Shaft to replace your current driver shaft. You won’t be sorry.


Let’s let TPT Golf Director Sebastian Sebayang answer a few questions about the technology of the TPT Golf Shaft.

7 Questions with TPT Golf Questions Answered by TPT Golf Director Sebastian Sebayang

    1. What’s different about TPT Golf shafts? It’s the way they’re made. We’ve developed an automated golf shaft manufacturing process that allows us to offer golfers a more precise, higher-performing product.
      With our technology, we can produce a perfectly consistent golf shaft each and every time. When golfers purchase a TPT Golf shaft, they can know that it will feel and perform exactly the same as the shaft they used in their fitting.
    2. How can a TPT Golf shaft help me play better golf? With a properly fit TPT Golf shaft, golfers are going to contact the sweet spot more often due to its more axially consistent design. They will also likely swing our shafts a little faster because of their optimized bend profiles. It’s this combination of more consistent impacts and our optimized bending profiles that results in significant distance gains and a tighter dispersion. In fittings around the world, TPT Golf shafts have proven to provide golfers of all abilities with additional club head speed and ball speed.
    3. What is “Thin-Ply Technology” and the “Thin-Ply Winding Method?” Thin-Ply Technology is the process we use to create our incredibly thin and precise carbon fiber prepreg material. We manufacture prepreg that’s as light as 15 grams per square meter, which is four-times thinner than a human hair and one-quarter the weight of a page of paper.
      The Thin-Ply Winding Method is a specific, patent-pending process that allows us to position our prepreg in the exact locations and orientations necessary to create optimal performance in a golf shaft. This automated process also brings repeatability to our designs, allowing us to create identical shafts time after time.
    4. How did TPT Golf develop these technologies? Our parent company, NTPT, is a Swiss-based technology and composites firm that develops cutting-edge materials. Its track record includes developing performance-enhancing applications for the America’s Cup and Formula 1 Racing. The record-breaking, solar-powered aircraft “Solar Impulse” relied on NTPT-produced materials for its epic journey, and NTPT also creates the luxury watch cases for Richard Mille.
      Four years ago, we were looking for a new opportunity and saw it in the golf industry.
      At first, we thought it would be as a wholesaler of higher-quality golf shaft materials. When we were told our materials were too expensive, we took a deeper look into the space. We realized that we had an opportunity to create “The Future of Golf Shafts.”
      Since that time, we’ve built a new golf shaft manufacturing method from the ground up, integrating the successful technologies NTPT developed with golf-shaft specific innovations we created along the way.
      With our automated golf shaft manufacturing method, we have been able to overcome the inconsistencies of conventional graphite shafts that have been plaguing golfers for decades.
    5. What professional golfers are using TPT Golf shafts?
      Because we don’t pay golfers to use TPT Golf shafts, we don’t use their names to promote our company. What we can say is TPT Golf shafts have been used to earn six victories on five leading professional tours around the world in a span of less than 7 months.TPT Golf’s Six Professional Wins May 6, 2019: Wells Fargo Championship (PGA Tour) March 11, 2018: Toshiba Classic (Champions Tour) January 29, 2018: Farmers Insurance Open (PGA Tour) December 17, 2017: Indonesian Masters (Asian Tour) November 5, 2017: Turkish Airlines Open (European Tour) October 29, 2017: WGC-HSBC Champions (World Golf Championships)
    6. How much do TPT Golf shafts cost? Each of our 11 shaft models sell for the same price. In the U.S., our shafts sell for $499. TPT Golf shafts are now available around the world, and pricing varies by country depending on things like taxes.
    7. Can golfers buy TPT Golf shafts online? TPT Golf shafts are not sold online. Being properly fit is crucial to optimizing the performance of a TPT Golf shaft. After a fitting, most golfers find that the best TPT Golf shaft for their game is a different model than they anticipated.
      Golfers can purchase TPT Golf shafts through our network of more than 100 Authorized Fitters worldwide.

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