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Two Most Important Clubs According to Ben Hogan



“The more I practice…the luckier I get” – Ben Hogan

I suggest hitting range balls with only a pitching wedge and a 7 iron. These are 2 of the most common clubs you’ll hit on the golf course so get confident with them first. The pitching wedge has a lot of loft and is easy to hit giving you plenty of confidence hitting the sweet spot. 7 iron is a little more difficult to hit but lets be honest…probably everyone’s favorite iron in the bag.

Start the bucket off with the pitching wedge and hit a third of the balls always focusing on a smooth and easy swing. Do NOT focus on distance but rather impact, tempo and a good swing thought. Hit the next third of the bucket with only a 7 iron. Same strategy as the PW. THEN, Finish off the balls with another round of pitching wedges and 7 irons at the same speed you would swing on the course.

DO NOT RUSH! The worst thing you can do for your progress is rush your sessions at the range. Take your time. Take up to 2 to 3 minutes between shots if you want to. That’s what it’s like on the course where you’re waiting for other guys in front of you and in your group to hit. Once you’re confident with these clubs, start introducing the others from your bag into the range sessions.
Another quick tip is to always know your numbers. Like really know them. Not what you think they are or even how far you hit that 7 iron that one time in Colorado at 7,000 feet elevation. Here’s a great way to know how far you really hit your clubs.
Highly recommend, it will change your game forever! I just fired the 4th best round of my life a few days ago after doing this for just 4 weeks.

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