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Your Weekly Wrap Up: What Happened This Week in Golf

What Happened This Week in Golf

Saturday is almost over, but the fun is just beginning. So much has happened this week that it’s hard to know when to start. Tiger is competing again, in case you’ve been living under a rock, and the golf world is buzzing with excitement. Plus, we get to watch Charlie Woods carry Tiger to victory.

These are the top news stories this week…

Longtime Tour Pro Makes Rookie Mistake

Longtime Tour Pro Guilty of Rookie Mistake

Just like with any career, after years on the professional circuit, Tour golfers know just about every in and out there is to the sport. They could tell you their top tips and some things to look out for as you work to create a name for yourself. After 25 years on the European Tour, this pro made a pretty ridiculous mistake for a man of his experience.


Viral Video Shows Golfer’s Worst Practice Nightmare

Worst Nightmare - Video Goes Viral

One of the things we love about the internet is the countless fails that dominate every social media site. Because who doesn’t love a good fail video? All this guy wanted to do was sneak in a little practice from the comfort of his own backyard. What could go wrong? This video will have you laughing out loud!


Buzzwords for Golf Nerds

10 Buzzwords for Golf Nerds

Some of golf’s terms are very confusing. Especially for those who don’t spend a lot of time, if any, on the golf course. New phrases and definitions are added every day so we’re here to help you keep up. We’ve got the golf terms to take your knowledge to the next level and impress your buddies.


PGA Tour Trolls Justin Thomas

PGA Tour Trolls Justin Thomas

It’s not often that league organizers chime in with their two cents. They usually like to keep themselves out of any controversy and do their best to squash any drama. So, when someone asked PGA Tour of Justin Thomas blowing a shot, people couldn’t help but laugh at the hilarious way they trolled JT on social media. Who knew the PGA TOUR could be so brutal!


Year in Review: What Happened in Golf in 2021

Year in Review: The Newsmakers of 2021

As we draw closer to the end of another year, we can’t help but think how fast time has passed. We’ve barely had time to process the year before that. We don’t want you to forget all of the impressive performances, surprise withdraws, and general craziness that was 2021. Time to take a look back and discover what made this year so memorable.


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