This Week in Golf - Jan 22, 2022

Your Weekly Wrap Up: What Happened This Week in Golf – January 22, 2022

We hope you get a chance to tune into the remainder of The American Express this weekend. There is sure to be some fierce competition and memorable moments after what we saw at the Sony Open last week. Here’s what’s been happening in the golf world this week.

Pro Manages Birdie After Clever Rules Use

Pro Fails to Get Rules Relief

Believe it or not the phrase ‘if at first you don’t succeed – try, try again is more accurate than we might think. The incident occurred when one pro was denied one type of rules relief on the 9th hole at Waialae Country Club during Saturday’s third round of the Sony Open. Kevin Chappell had to think fast on his feet if he was going to save his shot. The rules official likely didn’t quite know what to think when he said this next…


Jack Nicklaus Strong Stance on Golf Equipment

Nicklaus’ Stance on Today’s Golf Equipment

The long-distance dilemma in golf has been debated for many years. Since the 1970s, Jack Nicklaus has advocated for golf’s governing bodies to reduce the distance between the golf ball and the hole. As Nicklaus put it: “I told the guys to take a look at this right away because this is going to be a problem.” When the combined Distance Insights Project completed its first phase of testing in February 2020, it was found to be excessively important in the game. Their findings showed that it has been causing the sport to move in an unsustainable direction. But then a pandemic struck, and the governing bodies were forced to put things on hold for awhile.


Man Dies After Golf Cart Sinks in Canal

Man Dies After Golf Cart Sinks in Canal

A sad scene unfolded earlier this week at a California golf course. Not far from where The American Express was being held, police were called to a gruesome discovery. Once they arrived, officers found a man who was trapped inside a golf cart and submerged in a canal.


The Dreaded 18-foot Monster Bunker at The AmEx

The Dreaded 18-ft Monster Bunker

Escaping this bunker is not an easy task, as there are few options available to you. Here’s a look at some of the most memorable “golf is hard” moments from the monster greenside bunker on the par-5 16th hole at PGA West (Stadium) in La Quinta, California, which has hosted The American Express Championship for the past several years. When the tournament began, we were almost certain we’d see some unfortunate souls wind up in this location soon enough.


Golfer Inadvertently Hits Building at St. Andrews

Golfer Inadvertently Hit Building

A variety of challenges await golfers on the Old Course, and golfers from all walks of life and of varying levels of ability have faced off against the storied links over the course of history. Because some of the fairways and greens at St. Andrews are exceptionally large and inviting, some PGA Tour professionals consider it to be one of the most accessible courses on the PGA Tour.


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